Solar Lighting Installations

Solar Lighting Installation Tips

Advances in solar power technology have made solar powered lights more accessible and efficient than at any time before.

Mains powered lighting normally incurs much higher installation costs than solar powered lighting. Because solar doesn’t require a 240 volt supply, it is much more flexible.

Solar technology has developed rapidly during the past few years.

Light levels have been improved through the use of LED bulbs, whilst they also effectively reduce power consumption requirements. Direct sunlight used to be a necessity for solar lights to charge enough to work properly. The most modern solar lights harvest light very efficiently. In the coming months and years solar technology will continue to advance.


There are lots of options of solar garden lighting on sale. Wall mounted lantern lights. Lights for post or hanging applications. A large variety of different fairy light designs. Deck lighting which is mounted flush with the timber surface. Spot lights for security applications with PIR sensors. Many solar lights have the energy panel built into the top of the light. Others have a wired solar panel that can then be positioned in the best location to attract the maximum amount of light. The best design for you will really depend on where you are going to position the lights.

Integrated light units often have smaller solar panels and so require more light in order to function well.

External panels however are usually larger, but because they include wires are more laborious to install. High quality replacement rechargeable batteries will improve the performance of your solar lights. Original batteries from the Far East are often unreliable and so replacing them makes sense.

Solar Lights and Performance

For good light performance, the ideal location of your solar lights is vital. The more daylight hours of direct sunlight your lights can receive, the better they will work. Direct sunlight will charge your lights fastest, shady conditions will extend the charging time needed.

Avoid siting your lights where they will be shaded by trees or buildings as this will affect their performance. Renewable energy technology is big business and because of the huge investment in the technology currently we can expect to see advances in performance being made in the next few years. Year on year, the sales of solar renewable energy products continues to rise.

Solar energy reduces energy bills as well as being environmentally friendly too.

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